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National Theatre

National Theatre is the ultimate place where the cultural history of the Czech Republic was written. It is the best place for anyone who loves to explore different cultures and has an immense interest in understanding them too. A visit to one of the performances in the National Theatre is all you need to explore the art and culture of the Czech Republic. The theatre has three major art ensembles in it; ballet, opera, and drama. You are free to choose the art ensemble that you wish to see, from the program. Also, the theatre provides tourists with programs that are friendly for people who do not know the native Czech language. Therefore, you can explore the drama, opera or ballet, in ultimate flexibility.

National theatre in Prague Czech republic on river Vltava

There are a lot of theatres in the Czech Republic and they are all quite famous for respective reasons. However, National Theatre is one of them and is somehow the most visited by tourists too. It opened in 1881, and within the same year, it burnt down. This was incredibly tragic for the people of Prague, and thus, a lot of funds were collected to reconstruct the theatre. With tremendous support and fabulous collection of funds, the theatre was reopened in 1883, just two years after the tragedy. Since that day, this theatre is a national identity of the Czech Republic and is a majorly famous theatre there.

Spirit of Prague

We have usually heard people say that the spirit of a country or a city is defined through its culture and heritage. This is exactly why National Theatre holds immense significance for the people of Prague. It highlights the joys of life of the people of Czech Republic and showcases their culture in the best spirit. When you are paying a visit to Prague, it is best that you book at least 2 shows at the National Theatre to understand the culture of Prague and fall in love with its beauty.

How to get there?

The theatre is on the embankment, near to Charles Bridge.

If you prefer walking, then you can take a 20-minute walk from Prague ticket office through the Music Shop in the old town square. You will need your map to lead through the way if you are not native with the language.

For public transportation, you can take the metro B, which is the yellow line, Národni třída station; tram Nos. 2, 9, 17, 18, 22, 23 – Národní Divadlo stop get you there.

Also, the ones who are in the car and have their transport; the nearest parking area is Ostrovní 1, Praha 1.

You can check on the programs before visiting Prague and book ahead of time too. There are a lot of exciting drama, opera and ballet theatres coming up. Thus, if you are planning to visit Prague in your vacations, then do spare some hours for some show. You are certainly going to love it, and it is going to be a very different and unique experience. You won’t be disappointed at all!